Top 10 Nuggets of iPhone Wisdom

Top 10 Nuggets of iPhone Wisdom

iPhone wisdom10. iPhones are smarter than people over the age of 50.

9.   Using iCloud to keep a fleet of Apple devices in sync isn’t nearly as satisfying as eating apple crisp.

8.   Scrolling through the list of iPhone ringtone options is similar to strolling through the cereal aisle at the grocery store. Both involve way too many choices.

7.   Do not assume that apps available on your old iPad are also available for a new iPhone.

6.   The pedometer feature can become addicting.

5.   The earbuds that come with a new iPhone are excellent.

4.   If you buy an iPhone around Thanksgiving, it’s wise to buy an iPhone case immediately instead of adding it to your Christmas list.

3.   If you don’t buy a case immediately and if no one gives you one for Christmas, your iPhone might break when you drop it on the floor and cost much more to replace than a case does.

2.   On the other hand, the retro rotary dial phone case you buy using the Etsy gift certificate you mom gave you for Christmas is really, really cool.

1.   If you drop your iPhone on the floor and your very thoughtful spouse takes pity on you and calls the phone company to find the cheapest way to get a new phone and then goes to the store to buy it and tells you to quit being so hard on yourself because everybody does stupid things now and then and it’s okay, you can make that very thoughtful spouse’s day by giving him the excellent set of earbuds that come with the new phone.

Top Ten Conveniences to Not Take for Granted

Top Ten Conveniences to Not Take for Granted

Modern Conveniences

Modern conveniences make our lives so much easier. Here are ten I’m determined to not take for granted.

10.  Door knobs. Laura Ingalls Wilder did her darndest to make latch strings sound cozy in the Little House series. But have you ever tried to work one? Door knobs are a vast improvement.

9.   Comfy shoes. If your job doesn’t require much standing, this one sounds pretty lame. But teachers, sales clerks, nurses, and other people who stand most of the day never take comfy shoes for granted.

8.   Bedsteads. The older a person gets, the more a bed on legs is appreciated. For people who live where creepy, crawlies consider your castle their castle, this appreciation comes much sooner.

7.   Gardening gloves. A welcome replacement for fingernail brushes that scrub the skin raw and still leave dirt under fingernails.

6.   Heating and cooling units. They beat chopping wood all winter and sweating all summer to pieces.

5.   Running water. Need I say more?

4.   The garden hose. As contrary and twisty these snaky green wonders can be, they are much better than packing pails of water hither and yon across the lawn.

3.   Drain strainers. If you’ve ever poked a plumber’s snake down a bathtub drain, you know why this one’s on the list.

2.   Gas and electric stoves. How did cooks in the olden days regulate the temperature to bake cookies and pies with a wood stove? That’s a skill I’m grateful not to have learned.

1.   Window screens. Can you imagine the days before before air conditioning and window screens when people had two options in the heat of the summer? Open the windows to cool off the house and share your bedroom with hoards of skeeters, flies and other flying pests. Or shut the windows and cook all night in solitude. The thought makes me grateful every time I open the windows to let the breeze in our house.

What modern convenience do you not take for granted? Leave a comment.

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Three Thoughts for Thursday

Three Thoughts for Thursday


  1. Dealing with website issues for almost a week at has revealed two more personal character flaws: I have some unresolved patience issues, and I have as much chance of landing a job in the tech field as making the 2016 Olympic gymnastics team.
  2. The Japanese beetle’s mindset is the insect equivalent of a World War 2 kamikaze pilot mindset: leave no survivors or die trying.
  3. On almost every morning this week, I’ve crossed paths with a doe and her twin fawns. Each encounter is a reminder that God is the Master Creator. What signs of His creativity have amazed you lately?
Three Tech Geek vs. Writer Geek Thoughts for Thursday

Three Tech Geek vs. Writer Geek Thoughts for Thursday

writertechie person

The Cedar Falls Christian Writer’s Workshop is underway. Wednesday was devoted to learning about online social media. Today through Saturday are all about writing. Here are 3 observations about the differences between the inner tech geek and the inner writer geek.

  1. Writer geeks talk a lot.                                                                                          Tech geeks, not so much.
  2. Writer geeks tend to be very expressive. Dramatic even, especially if they write fiction or screen plays.                                                                                                     Tech geeks are more like my German grandfather who did not wear his heart on his sleeve.
  3. Writer geeks consider tech stuff to be magical.Tech geeks consider tech stuff to be logical.

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iFeel Like an Apple iDiot

iFeel Like an Apple iDiot


The first four items on my weekend to-do list

  • Clean the bathrooms.
  • Vacuum bugs in the guest bedroom.
  • Put finishing touches on speech for next week.
  • Make apple pies for church camp scholarship auction.

were a snap to finish. In fact iWas so pleased with my skill and efficiency, my mom would have warned me not to break my arm while patting myself on the back had she been here to do so.

Then, iTackled the last two items on the list

  • Research iCloud.
  • Research iPad 3.

Two paragraphs into the first online article, iWondered if it was written in a foreign language. The article was peppered with phrases like like

iOS device,
wireless pushing,
4 GB,
retina display,
oleophobic scratch-proof glass,
slick interface,
blazing LTE hotspot.

iDidn’t understand any of them. My iCloud and iPad research made one thing perfectly clear. When it comes to technology, iFeel

iN need of an iNterpreter.

So tomorrow, off to the Apple Store iGo where, hopefully, a perky iGenius in a bright, blue T shirt will refrain from laughter while answering my iCloud questions, respond with kindness when a blank look is my response to his answers, and exhibit great patience while conducting my iPad tutorial. iN short, iNeed an Apple Store iGenius who can do the iMpossible. iNeed an Apple Store iGenius who can make me feel

iNstead of
iDiotic when navigating the

Otherwise, iAm coming home to unwire my iUniverse and launch an apple pie baking business iNstead. Like my mother always said after she warned me about breaking my leg by patting myself on the back –

iF you can’t conquer ’em, cook ’em.