Top Ten Differences Between Phoenix and Iowa

Top Ten Differences Between Phoenix and Iowa

What's the difference between Iowa and Arizona? This list's top ten is a good place to start.The Man of Steel and I are home after a week in Phoenix visiting relatives. During this, our first winter vacation to warmer climes, we noticed these ten differences between Arizona and Iowa.

10. In Iowa, you’ll see trees similar to this one being propped up,

treebut you’ll only find these in Arizona.

cactus9.  Iowa hiking paths are strewn with wood chips or gravel. Arizona hiking paths are strewn with boulders poking every which way and then topped with large rocks so the boulders become even more hazardous.

8.  The walkways to airplanes in Iowa sport large thermometers right outside the airplane so passengers know the walkway is a balmy 20 degrees and not below zero like the great outdoors. Passengers in Arizona walkways don’t want to know that walkways in Iowa are a balmy 20 degrees.

7.  In Arizona, people sport flannel scarves for walks in 68 degree weather. In Iowa, people sport flip flops when the temperature is above freezing.

6.  Iowans shiver while drinking morning coffee outside Starbucks. Arizonans shiver inside while sipping their AM java.

5.  Arizonans carry yoga mats over their shoulders on morning walks. Iowans carry snow shovels.

4.  Arizona grocery stores carry delicious avocados and terrible beef. Iowa grocery stores offer the exact opposite.

3.  Arizonans put their dogs in purple and pink strollers for outdoor walks in the winter. Iowans put their dogs in black and gold, red and gold, or purple and gold sweaters.

2.  Arizona has more urgent care pet clinics, pet spas, and upscale pet stores than pediatrician offices. Iowa has more urgent care clinics for little people than pet stores.

1. In Arizona dogs wear sunglasses. In Iowa, eye wear is limited to adults.

What makes your Arizona/Iowa top ten list? Leave a comment.

Horse Play

Horse Play

Last week, I mentioned the senior pictures I’d be taking for my daughter’s best friend, and I may have said something about a certain horse being part of the photo shoot. Since I’m writing this you know I lived to tell about the experience, as did the horse and the beautiful young woman. Though it was sunny and breezy and a whole lot warmer than expected in late September, everything went well.

We had a few tense moments when Rachel (the girl) nearly had her bare foot stomped on by Lancelot (the horse). But the bareback horse/barefoot girl look was what Rachel wanted and since she got her foot out of the way in time, no damage was done. Except that some of the horse photos weren’t that good. The quality issue had something to do with the photographer’s obsession with avoiding the back half of the horse when she should have been framing shots of the front half. Anyway the picture above is proof that the pictures were taken, but you’ll have to trust me when I say the girl was there, too. Until she sees her pictures, you’ll have to wait.

When I add Sunday’s experience to the difficulties I had on Saturday. when I took shots of stuffed animals for a magazine article, I’ve decided not to pursue a pet photography career. Sometimes, the littlest things remind me that life is really, really good.