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What’s happening with See Jane Dance?

Many of you began asking about Book 3 in the West River Mystery Series the minute you finished See Jane Sing!, which is the best news an author can hear. With the hubbub of that release date and month behind me, there’s finally time to shed some light on what’s happening at See Jane HQ.

First off, revisions to the first draft of Book See Jane Dance! are underway. To begin I printed out the first draft, and with my favorite mechanical pencil in hand, read through the entire manuscript. Not in one sitting, but over the course of a week. The read through resulted in many margin notes about:

  • Plot and time discrepancies and inconsistencies
  • Lack of clarity in the writing
  • Where to add red herrings and more interactions with children
  • A big oops about where road graders/snow plows should be parked

While the read through resulted in many ways to improve the first draft, I was pleased with the story. For the most part it hangs together. It made me laugh and eager to fix what needs fixing.

Fixing what needs fixing in See Jane Dance! is what I’m doing now.

It’s what I’ve been doing for about two weeks now, and it’s what I’ll be doing as soon as I publish this blog post. My daily goal is to revise one or two chapters a day. Today I’ll finish revising chapter 15 and hopefully finish chapter 16, too. The book has 50 chapters, and the editor’s deadline for turning in the revised manuscript is the end of December. Obviously, the pace of revisions needs to pick up.

Which means I’ll be dancing with Jane more than blogging about what’s happening with See Jane Dance! for awhile.

Which means Jane and I are wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year before the holidays dance right past us!