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Four facts for Friday

I promised to make chocolate chip oatmeal cookies for the grandkids this afternoon. Therefore, this post is short and to the point.

  1. The bonus for those who pre-order See Jane Run! are almost ready to go. There will be a post about how to claim the bonus in the near future. Thanks to those who have already pre-ordered. You are the best!
  2. Hiram and I spent the first full week of March in and around Norfolk, Virginia. I spent much of the second full week of the month keeping my mom company in the hospital. I spent this week recovering from the previous two weeks.
  3. Every cloud has a silver lining. In the case of sitting with Mom during her hospital stay, she slept a lot. So the silver lining was unexpected time to write. Enough time to finish 3 chapters of See Jane Dance!, the third book in the West River Mystery Series.
  4. The publisher is finalizing the cover for See Jane Sing!, the second book in the series. I can hardly wait to show it off in an upcoming post.

May these four facts for Friday hold you over until I have time to write a longer post regarding the viability of using homemade cookies instead of graham crackers when making s’mores.