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Though I usually try to avoid cross pollination between DifferentDream,com, my blog for parents of kids with special needs, and this blog, today’s post is an exception. Because I can’t wait until there’s a day open in the  DifferentDream schedule to show off the cover of The Caregiver’s Notebook.

Several months ago, the editor at Discovery House Publishers emailed an image of the cover, and I loved it. But it had to stay under wraps until the copyright was secured. That happened last week, when the editor gave the okay to take it to school for show and tell share it via social media.

So here I am, showing off the cover for the world to see. And telling everyone that this three year caregiver’s planner and organizer is slated for release by Discovery House in November of 2014 and will retail for $24.99. It’s flexible design means it can be used by those caring for aging loved ones, children and adults with special needs, and those caring for anyone with medical conditions, too.

More details will be forthcoming in the months before the release date. But for now, would you play along and leave a comment about how sweet the new baby is? This mama is mighty proud!