Three Thoughts for Thursday

Three Thoughts for Thursday

NASA's concept of a bargain basement, a new vision of magic words, and the beauty of autumn in this week's 3 thoughts.

  1. In an interview, a aerospace engineer suggested the US explore Mars with a satellite for the bargain basement price of 75 million dollars. That was, perhaps, the first time the phrases “bargain basement price” and “75 million dollars” were used in the same sentence.
  2. My 3-year-old grandson is learning to use magic words like “please” and “thank you.” But because he’s only 3, he calls them “maggot words.” Such a word picture.
  3. Sometimes, the beauty that is October brings tears to my eyes. What brings tears to your eyes in October?
Three Thoughts for Thursday

Three Thoughts for Thursday

Yogi Berra, author mathematics, and Little House in the Big Woods cozy in this week's 3 thoughts.

  1. I’m taking the death of Yogi Berra pretty hard. Not because I’m a Yankee fan. But because the media tributes have revealed that at least half of my dad best one liners were plagiarized from the great ball player.
  2. After double-checking the math, I can confidently say that having 3 books published in 1 year + completing a mystery novel = almost 2 much.
  3. With a winter’s worth of jugs full of rain water for the house plants in the basement, as well as several apple pies and bags of basil pesto in the freezer, our home has that Little House in the Big Woods cozy feeling.

What makes your house feel Little House in the Big Woods cozy?

Pick a Little, Talk a Little this Fantastic Friday

Pick a Little, Talk a Little this Fantastic Friday

A gathering of goldfinches and their similarity to the Pick a Little, Talk a Little crew from the Music Man is this Fantastic Friday's look at the past.Today’s Fantastic Friday post first appeared on Down the Gravel Road in September of 2008. Considering the popularity of a recent listing of ten reasons to watch The Music Man, this article about some very noisy birds in our neighborhood seemed to be a logical choice.

Pick a Little, Talk a Little

Yesterday morning, I was walking along our gravel road at top speed, oblivious to the scenery around me, when the noise from the ditch awakened me from whatever inner thoughts consumed me. The chirping along the fence was deafening.

For a few seconds, I couldn’t see a thing. Then, I noticed the grass waving and saw a bit off fluff pulled from a seed pod. Finally the noisemakers, a small flock of female goldfinches, came into view. Their dusky gold coats so perfectly matched the browning fall grasses, they were barely visible. One by one, their movement and their chirping, gave their positions away. By the time my camera was out of, some of them had flown away, but a few remained.

While I snapped their pictures, I thought of the song from The Music Man, the one when all the town gossips are busy spreading rumors. The music makes them sound like a flock of old bitty hens. That’s exactly what the goldfinches sounded like, scolding and flapping their wings at each other. I half expected Robert Preston and Shirley Jones to march by, followed by the 76 trombones and the rest of the band.

Instead, I saw a sure sign of fall, the goldfinches flocking together as they do at this time of year, stocking up on provisions before they journey south for the winter. What I wouldn’t give to be going with them, I think as I face the prospect of winter.

But if I do that, I won’t be here to welcome them next spring on the day they return. No matter how hard the coming winter will be, the joy I feel when the birds come home melts my aversion to snow. Their return beats Robert Preston, Shirley Jones, the 76 trombones, and the town gossips, hands down. I can hardly wait.

Top Ten Reasons to Love November

Top Ten Reasons to Love November

pieNovember is such an awkward, unlovely child with it’s chilly days and long nights. Even so, here are ten reasons to love this hard-to-love month.

10. The chances of being bitten by a rattlesnake are low.

9.   It’s a good time to rearrange the living room and sweep the insect corpses that have been hiding under the furniture since the Man of Steel discovered the bee hive in the AC unit a while back.

8.  Turkey prices go way down. Good for humans. Bad for turkeys.

7.  The trees that still have leaves look so courageous, hanging onto their foliage with all their woody might.

6.  Morning walks are lighter for a few weeks once Daylight Savings Time kicks in.

5.  Outdoor plants moved inside to winter over give the house a safely-tucked-in-bed feeling.

4.  Every once in a while God offers up a gloriously warm, calm, and sunny day.

3.  In case you haven’t yet heard, The Caregiver’s Notebook released this November. What’s not to love about that?

2.  It’s time to make pie.

1.  Thanksgiving with the family, eating great food, playing board games, and hugging our grandson!

What do you like best about November? Leave a comment.

Top Ten Things About the End of Daylight Savings Time

Top Ten Things About the End of Daylight Savings Time

daylight savings time breakfast for supper

10. It’s the closest thing to time travel most of us will ever get.

9.  There’s more time to turn the lights down low for a romantic evening and not notice the need to dust the furniture.

8.  When it’s dark by suppertime, jammies are perfectly acceptable dining attire.

7.  Once everyone’s wearing jammies to the table, serving breakfast for supper is also perfectly acceptable.

6.   So is going to bed early after meal clean up. Which is incredibly easy when cereal bowls and spoons are the only things that need washing.

5.  School children who wear jammies to the table, eat breakfast for supper, and wake up early because they went to bed early the night before no longer have to wait for the bus in the dark on school days.

4.  Writers and bloggers who wear jammies to the table, eat breakfast for supper, and wake up early because they went to bed early no longer have to take their morning walk in the dark either.

3.  On evenings when people don’t hit the hay immediately after wearing jammies to the table and eating breakfast for supper, it’s too dark to do anything but binge watch the Modern Family Season 5 DVD, which you have on loan from the library for 1 short week after waiting months for your turn to check it out.

2.  Fall back in the fall means an extra hour of sleep this weekend. Heavenly!

1.  The end of Daylight Savings Time means only 4 short months until March 9 when it and spring make their glorious re-appearance.

What would you add to the list? Leave a comment!