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ECW catalog pageDo you remember a blog announcement way back in July of 2013 about Every Child Welcome,  the book Katie Wetherbee and I were writing about special needs ministry? The one about Kregel Publications offering us a contract? Well, we are happy to announce that Kregel is releasing the book on April 27, 2015.

The Skinny on Every Child Welcome

So here’s the pre-publication skinny on what’s happening behind the scenes:

  • Katie and I first met in 2010 at a special needs ministry conference in Des Moines, IA. Little did we know that first meeting would lead to co-authoring a book.
  • The book has a new and improved subtitle…drum roll please…Every Child Welcome: A Ministry Handbook for Including Kids with Special Needs
  • Even thought Katie and I just sent the final, final proofs to the editor this past Friday, February 6, 2015…
  • Every Child Welcome is already available for pre-order on Amazon
  • Also, here’s a slightly blurry clip from Kregel’s spring catalog describing some of the book’s features in case the type in the pictures above is a little too small to see.

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