Top 10 Nuggets of iPhone Wisdom

Top 10 Nuggets of iPhone Wisdom

iPhone wisdom10. iPhones are smarter than people over the age of 50.

9.   Using iCloud to keep a fleet of Apple devices in sync isn’t nearly as satisfying as eating apple crisp.

8.   Scrolling through the list of iPhone ringtone options is similar to strolling through the cereal aisle at the grocery store. Both involve way too many choices.

7.   Do not assume that apps available on your old iPad are also available for a new iPhone.

6.   The pedometer feature can become addicting.

5.   The earbuds that come with a new iPhone are excellent.

4.   If you buy an iPhone around Thanksgiving, it’s wise to buy an iPhone case immediately instead of adding it to your Christmas list.

3.   If you don’t buy a case immediately and if no one gives you one for Christmas, your iPhone might break when you drop it on the floor and cost much more to replace than a case does.

2.   On the other hand, the retro rotary dial phone case you buy using the Etsy gift certificate you mom gave you for Christmas is really, really cool.

1.   If you drop your iPhone on the floor and your very thoughtful spouse takes pity on you and calls the phone company to find the cheapest way to get a new phone and then goes to the store to buy it and tells you to quit being so hard on yourself because everybody does stupid things now and then and it’s okay, you can make that very thoughtful spouse’s day by giving him the excellent set of earbuds that come with the new phone.

Anne Socks, Part 2

Anne Socks, Part 2

Anne Socks.

When the original post on this topic went up on March 17, 2009 I wasn’t trying to start a series. I mean, think about it. Would anyone other than footwear manufacturers be interested in sock serialization?

Not usually.

Therefore, the title of today’s post is a bit of a surprise to me. As was my daughter’s Christmas present. A pair of my very own, custom-made, cable knit Anne Socks. Unlike the pair pictured in the March, 2009 post, these socks actually match. And they’re made of a silk/wool blend that doesn’t scratch my tender tootsies in the least.

I love them.

So does Anne. That’s why I shamelessly posed and allowed her to take pictures. Though there’s a risk my feet will go viral and our family’s privacy will be a thing of the past, the world needs to see her handiwork. So she’ll be posting my feet encased in her handiwork on her etsy site in an attempt to generate income and/or paying customers.

Anne Socks.

I never thought the original post would become a series. But these days, I’m dreaming big. Who knows? Maybe one day Anne Socks will be a household word. If that happens, remember, you heard it here first. The phrase has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

Anne Socks.

She Did It!

She Did It!

She did it! Our Annie graduated on Saturday – in 4 years and with no debt, so we are kicking up our heels and grateful, grateful, grateful.
What will she do with that literature degree? Well, she’s already finished up one young adult novel and is at work on a second. But everyone in this family knows writing books is not a way to get rich quick, though it is incredibly satisfying.

Of course, our Anne has more ideas up the wide, flowing sleeves of her graduation gown. She spends oodles of time sewing, knitting, tatting, and doing anything else she can think of with textiles. She even makes her own patterns and has perfected one for a high support, no underwire bra that full-figured women will love. The patterns can be purchased at her etsy site. You can also order custom made bras there.

BTW, for those of you who didn’t know Anne as a child, I am not making this up. For those of you who did know her in her dressing-Barbie dolls-in tissue-and-tape-creation years, followed by her Barbie-in-latex-glove-and-tape-bungie-jumping-creation years, this present day obsession comes as no surprise. Nor will it surprise you to know that she and her honey, though debt-free, are happily living on a pittance.

But you could surprise her by visiting her website and perhaps even ordering a bra. Now that she’d all graduated, there’s no risk of loose pages of her senior research papers being sewn into someone’s D cup. And there’s a high probability your order will be filled and shipped in record time – if you order before she and her hubby move to Bowling Green, Ohio in August.

So make this newly minted graduate’s day by placing an order. Or pass on the information to someone who might be interested. Or just congratulate her on her most recent right of passage. She’d love to hear from you!