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After spending a day working with educators, coming up with 10 delightful things about working with them was easy.This past Saturday, I spent the day with 14 educators. They were there to complete the first half of a teacher’s licensure recertification class. I was there as their teacher. Here are the top 10 reasons I’m looking forward to working with those 14 teachers again this coming Saturday for the second half of the class.

10.  Teachers are very prompt. They were on time or early with the exception of 1 class member who got lost on the way.

9.  Teachers practice self-control. They have no trouble keeping their hands and feet to themselves.

8.  Teachers are generous. When the dollar their instructor tries to use in the vending machine won’t work because it was taped together, they give you quarters to use instead.

7.  Teachers are inclusive. They will actually invite the instructor to join them for lunch. And one of them may offer to drive so you can have a break.

6.  Teachers are conscientious. They willingly use their expertise to do extra research for the good of the larger group. When you email to say they’re are excused from their homework because of the extra work they did, they email back to say they already completed the homework.

5.  They are readers. When you assign them a few pages, they read the entire chapter.

4.  They take lots of notes about what they read. Reams of notes. But that’s not all.

3.  Teachers also ask good questions. Some of their questions are based on what they read or what they wrote in their notes. And some based on what you say because…

2.  Teachers love to learn. About all sorts of things. But they are extra-passionate about learning that enables them to work more effectively with children because…

1.  Teachers care about their students. They really do. And they are willing to do more than you can imagine to help their children learn and make them feel safe at school.

Do you work with teachers? What would you add to this list?