Downton Abbey or Downton Arby’s?

Downton Abbey or Downton Arby’s?

Attention all Downton Abbey wannabes! You know who I mean.

  • The career woman ashamed to admit her childhood dream was to be a princess and live in a castle when she grew up.
  • The mom who saving up for mother-daughter Belle gowns from the Disney catalog.
  • The hunter who secretly wishes he could wear a scarlet coat and riding britches instead of a fluorescent orange vest when deer season opens.
  • The husband who dreams of a life where he can ditch his wife and spend the evening smoking cigars and drinking cognac with his posh buddies.

Yup, we’re the people who make the Masterpiece Theater creators eyes shine with dollar pound signs once we’re hooked on a show like Downton Abbey.

But it’s very, very important for us wannabes to avoid taking ourselves too seriously. Otherwise, we won’t have the emotional energy needed to remain suspended on the season two finale’s cliffhanger, worrying about what really matters. Things like:

  • Will Matthew and Mary really tie the knot?
  • Will Mr. Bates go to prison?
  • Will Thomas quit smoking?
  • Will the Dowager Countess of Grantham (aka: Maggie Smith) turn quickly and knock someone over with her hat?
  • Will the wardrobe mistress ever let Edith wear a pretty dress?

Those issues weighed heavily on me until a friend and fellow wannabe sent a link to a YouTube video. Those who take themselves and Downton Abbey too seriously should be prepared to be indignant. Everybody else, be prepared to laugh at this spoof entitled Downton Arby’s.