Last Spring, This Spring

Last Spring, This Spring

Geranium Roots

Last spring and this spring couldn’t be more different, as a mason jar full of rooted geranium slips shows.

Last spring, I started rooting geraniums in March, which turned out to be too late for an early spring.
This spring, I started rooting them in February, which turned out to be too early for a late spring.

Last spring, warm weather hit in mid-March.
This spring, we’re still waiting for warm weather in mid-April.

Last spring, the geranium slips didn’t have enough roots on them when the weather was warm enough for potting them.
This spring, the geranium slips have so many roots, they may be hard to pull apart…if it ever gets warm enough to pot them.

Last spring was dry.
This spring’s been rainy.

Last spring ended with a drought.
Let’s hope this spring ends the drought.