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#19 Getting Ready for the Garden

by Jolene Philo & Anne Fleck | Home Again

In this episode Anne described her techniques for saving space while  starting tomatoes and peppers. As you can see, the tomatoes (in milk cartons) are going great guns. If you have suggestions about the peppers (red cups), she’d love to hear them!

Here’s a look at the black plastic Anne put down while hugely pregnant, along with the hoops she and Kailen installed on a pleasant February day. They’re waiting for a nice March day to put the clear plastic on the hoops.

To the right is a picture of a coldframe (thanks Pixabay!) that’s not quite like what Anne hopes to build, but it gives you an idea of what one can look like.

To finish things off, here’s a list of the cherry tree varieties Anne is ordering and the planning resources she mentioned during the podcast.