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#1 Welcome to Home Again

by Jolene Philo & Anne Fleck | Home Again

To kick off the first Home Again podcast, Jolene and Anne pulled out a few pictures to give you an idea what we and the places we’re talking about look like. We hope you enjoy the photo album we put together below.

Top Row:

L: The old farmhouse (some parts date back to 1845) where Hiram and Jolene lived from 1985-2016, and where Anne and her brother grew up.

R: House our families moved into in January of 2017.

Middle Row:

L: Hiram and Jolene yucking it up at Kailen and Anne’s wedding.

R: Anne and Kailen at the dinner table.

Bottom Row:

L: Tad watching Papoo (Hiram) operate large machinery at the old house before the move.

R: Appa the wonder dog.


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