A project to correct drainage issues around an old house can do more than dry out a basement as this list shows.An old house, even one that’s been kept in excellent repair, is a series of fix it projects. The summer project at this old house involves correcting some basement drainage issues. Step one in the project was to dig a trench to expose the basement walls around most of the house, which has resulted in these top ten effects.

10. The exterminator had dollar signs in his eyes when he gave a quote for termite barrier protection.

9.  This project, like all home repairs, will cost more than expected. See #10 to learn why.

8.  Someone sweeps up tracked in dirt several times a day. That someone is not the same person who tracks in the dirt.

7.  The heavy duty cycle on the washing machine is seeing heavy use.

6.  We prefer to think of the dirt piles around the house as creative landscaping.

5.  A trench where flowerbeds used to live means much less summer weeding.

4.  From the waist up, the Man of Steel is now very tan. Yes, that includes the top of his head.

3.  The basement feels drier already.

2.  The adults in the house stay alert when the 16-month-old is outdoors because large holes and towering dirt piles are kid magnets.

1.  A video of Papoo (aka: Man of Steel) operating an excavator elevates an ordinary grandpa to superhero status in the eyes of a 3 1/2 year old, machine and tool-obsessed grandson.

Are you doing home repairs this summer? What unexpected effects have you observed? leave a comment.