Three Thoughts for Thursday

Sleeping weather, the public library hold system, and triplets in this week's 3 thoughts.

  1. We’ve had an entire week of sleeping weather in Iowa. In August. Yes, August. What a mercy. What a kindness. What a gift!
  2. I’m listening to a book about a family with triplets, and I’ve regularly seen a doe with triplet fawns on my morning walks. The two events could be interpreted as a synergistic sign were I of childbearing age. Just another perk of turning 60.
  3. The public library automatic hold system is one of the seven wonders of the modern world. I’m not sure what the other six are, though toilet paper makes my short list. You?

Three Fawns

The other night, while Anne and I were watching a movie, she whispered, “There’s a deer in the yard.” But there wasn’t just one deer. There were four: a doe and three fawns. I grabbed my camera and took pictures of them without the flash, so the photo is a bit blurry, but I didn’t want to scare them away. All the movement frightened them anyway, and one, two, three, four, the doe and her fawns slipped through an opening in the hedge and disappeared.

Either the doe was a siren last spring or she’s babysitting for the neighbors because the fawns were stair steps in height. They were beautiful and graceful and still sported spots. Hiram and I saw them again, hiding in the neighbor’s spruce trees just west of our driveway, when we walked Thursday morning.

The last time we saw a fawn in the yard was the morning after we moved into this house, back in May of 1991. Mom and Allen camped in the living room and saw a doe and fawn outside the east window when they woke up.

Certainly other does and fawns have meandered across our lawn in the intervening years. Since we saw the triplets I’ve been wondering how many deer families I missed because I forgot to look outside. How many times has busyness blinded me to beauty? For the last few days, as I work around the house, I’ve been reminding myself to look outside.

I haven’t seen anything yet, but someday I will.