Three Thoughts for Thursday

Three Thoughts for Thursday

The end of summer, a new exhibit at the Louvre, and the Man of Steel's latest adventures in this week's 3 thoughts.


  1. The saddest day of summer is when the public swimming pool gets drained. It’s just so final.
  2. Several passersby on our Gravel Road have mentioned seeing the Man of Steel mow the lawn with a 40 pound pack on his back. Lest a rumor starts that I banished him and all his possessions to the yard, please note that he is training for a mountain climbing adventure. (I’m not making this up.)
  3. One of this summer’s exhibits at the Louvre in Paris is a Barbie doll retrospective. Can you imagine what her presence is doing to Mona Lisa’s smile?

What makes you sad at the end of summer? Leave a comment.


Top Ten Signs Summer Will Soon End

Top Ten Signs Summer Will Soon End

pool10.  The temperature soared as soon as the municipal pool was drained.

9.   Our property tax bill, due at the end of September, arrived.

8.   My waking hours are spent trying to think of a gift Mom would like for her birthday in September. The only idea so far is to put a big bow on our property tax bill and give it to her. But I have a feeling she’ll just give that back.

7.   Despite all the rain we’ve had lately, the leaves on the trees are now more yellow-green than vibrant green.

6.   The cricket that found its way into our bedroom likes to sing. At night. We are not amused.

5.   For the past week or so, the daylight’s been pretty dim when I leave for my morning walk.

4.   Unless you arrive at Hickory Park the minute they open, there’s a 5 to 15 minute wait for a booth, now that the college kids are moving back to ISU.

3.   My to do list includes trips to Walmart and Target to check the back to school aisles for clearance bargains.

2.   Every once in a while, soup and other cold weather comfort foods like Balkan Meatballs sound like a good idea for supper…even though it’s still way too hot to enjoy them.

1.  Every time I walk by the empty Boone Municipal Pool, I feel sad. How much longer until spring?

Three Care Giving Thoughts for Thursday

Three Care Giving Thoughts for Thursday

For the past couple of weeks, my life has revolved around caring for friends and family – Hiram’s surgery June 12, a Camp Dorothy overnight last weekend, and taking some kids swimming so their pregnant mama could get some rest. Such circumstances rarely shine a light on my finest hour, but the situations did result in three care giving thoughts for Thursday:

1.   I’m pretty sure the doctor prescribed a 5 pound lifting limit for a certain male patient who had back surgery to keep him from lifting more than 10 pounds.

2.    Taking imaginative children to the swimming pool isn’t about going swimming. It’s about prowling in the water like a tiger cooling off on a hot jungle day, hopping in the water like a frog in a pond, and swimming underwater like a tadpole. But after 2 1/2 hours of prowling, hopping, and swimming, the tiger, frog, tadpole, children, and adult weren’t pretend tuckered out. They were honest-to-goodness, for real tuckered out.

3.   I usually take Mom for her annual mammogram, but since it was the same day as Hiram’s surgery, my brother took her instead. She had a haircut the same morning, so during our Camp Dorothy overnight last weekend, I asked her, “Did you survive your big squish and snip morning okay?”

She shook her head and smiled. “It wasn’t squish and snip. It was press and tress.”

Yup, Mom’s still got her sense of humor!

Have you had any memorable care giving moments lately? If so, leave a comment.

Top Ten Benefits of 90 Plus Degree Days

Top Ten Benefits of 90 Plus Degree Days

Yesterday, the weather was hot, steamy, and breezy – our first 90+ day of the year. The sweltering and sweating that accompanied the temperatures revealed these top ten benefits to hot weather:

10.  Days like yesterday take the bloom off the I-want-to-live-on-a-tropical-island fantasy.

9.    Days like yesterday make winter more attractive.

8.    Hot weather motivates me to get up early to walk, and then I feel ahead of schedule all day long.

7.    Hot afternoons means either grilling or cold supper to keep the heat out of the kitchen. Yum to both prospects!

6.    I have less appetite on hot days. This phenomenon has not yet translated into consistent summer weight loss, but hope springs eternal in this human’s hips.

5.    The heat make a person grateful for air conditioning

4.    Hot days are a convenient excuse for staying inside to write instead of doing yard work.

3.    This is sweet corn weather. Can’t you just taste it?

2.    Ditto for tomato weather.

1.    Days like yesterday give grandmas-in-training an excuse to take the neighbor kids to the pool and soak up the sunshine together.

What are benefits do 90+ days hold for you? Leave a comment.

Yesterday, I Took My Camera

Yesterday, I Took My Camera

This beautiful spring morning, I decided not to lug my camera along on my walk.
“I took it yesterday,” I reminded myself. “And what with stopping to take pictures of


our town’s freshly painted, newly filled swimming pool,

two goldfinches playing king-of-the-hill at a bird feeder,

Papa Gander, Mama Goose, and the goslings out for their morning constitutional,


and a bluejay in a tree, I wasted a good portion of the morning.
So no, I won’t take it along today.”

My decision seemed like the right one at first.
The swimming pool looked much the same as yesterday.
The bird feeder was abandoned.
The pond was still as glass and empty.
The bluejays were nowhere to be found.

But just past the pond, an unfamiliar chirping made my head lift.
Only a yard away, at eye level,
An indigo bunting perched in a sapling.
It glowed in a shaft of sunlight,
puffed its chest, and sang a clear and piercing song.

Yesterday, I took my camera.
But today I chose
Time over nature,
Time over beauty.
Time over a picture I’ve been waiting years to capture with the lens.

When will I learn that time hoarded is opportunity lost?