Three Thoughts for Thursday

Gravel Road showcases triple Iowa nice in this week's 3 thoughts.


  1. On our last really rainy day, it started to pour. I was stranded in the grocery store. Until the man in line behind me opened his stadium umbrella and walked with me to my car. How’s that for Iowa nice?
  2. A few hours later, the hostess at Applebee’s stuck her head out the door as my small umbrella failed to protect Mom, her walker, and I on our way to the restaurant entrance. “I’ll bring a bigger umbrella,” she said. By then, we had reached the door, but we appreciated her offer. More Iowa nice.
  3. When I arrived at home that evening, our mail delivery person had sealed our mail and a large package in a large plastic bag and placed it on the stoop beside the kitchen door. Iowa nice. That’s how we roll around here.

What’s nice about where you live? Leave a comment.


Three Thoughts for Thursday


  1. The man of steel and his chain saw are spending all their free time cutting up the huge branch that fell in a windstorm Monday morning. He’s happy. I’m happy, too, but also curious. Can anyone explain why operating a chain saw is so fundamental to the existence of the males of our species?
  2. Did you know that sheets hanging on the clothes line when a rainstorm moves in smell like spring rain when run through the dryer? Don’t ask how I know this.
  3. I’m so bummed to have missed the Captain Kangaroo memorabilia auction last week. The heavy tap of Captain Kangaroo’s thick chalk on the chalkboard and the scritchy snick when he pulled a length of tape from the dispenser fascinated me.  I would have paid good money for either item. What did you like best about the Captain and his entourage?

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