Top 10 Signs Your Family Is Full of Tolkien Fans

Top 10 Signs Your Family Is Full of Tolkien Fans

How do you know your family contains generations of Tolkien fans? Here's how I figured it out.The Man of Steel and I are proud of our kids for many reasons. One of our faves is that we turned them into J.R.R. Tolkien fans before the movies came out and remain so to this day.

10. Our family food fave analogies always follow the same formula: I like _______________ as much as hobbits like mushrooms.

9.  Entirely too many family dinner discussions cite Silmarillion references. In great detail.

8.  Family members look for ways to sneak words like “clad” and “strode” and “smite” or “smote” into every day conversation.

7.  We each can describe the cover art on the first Lord of the Ring trilogy we ever read.

6.  Some of our kids’ favorite childhood memories are of reading Tolkien (not only The Hobbit, but also the trilogy and The Tolkien Reader) out loud as a family.

5.  When a family member swallows loudly at any meal, everyone else at the table calls him or her “Gollum.”

4.  We have a family tradition of watching the entire trilogy at some point during Christmas break to commemorate the original releases and our first viewings of the movies in December of 2001, 2002, and 2003.

3.  The under-the-stairs closet with it’s 3 foot high door was immediately dubbed “the hobbit closet” when we moved here in 1991.

2. We agree that Spock and all other Vulcans are Middle Earth elves in disguise.

1. In this family, the word “precious” is uttered in a reedy voice with long, drawn out hisses.

Is your family comprised of Middle Earth fans? Leave a comment to describe how you know.

Top Ten Lord of the Rings Movies Quotes

Top Ten Lord of the Rings Movies Quotes

Lord of the Rings Movie Trilogy
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This year, our annual holiday Lord of the Rings trilogy orgy extravaganza included the jotting down of favorite movie quotes. Here’s a very subjective list of the ten that rose like cream to the top.

Let's Hunt some orchPhoto Source

certainty of death
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Frodo wouldn't have gotten far without Sam
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I am no man
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Mr. Frodo, don't leave me here alone
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Fly you fools
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I will take the ring to Mordor
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2.  “No parent should have to bury their own child.”
No parent should have to bury their own child
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death is just another path
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Are you a Middle Earth junkie? Then leave your favorite Lord of the Rings trilogy quote in the comment box.