Three Shopping Thoughts for Thursday

Shopping is never my drug of choice. But this week’s forays into the retail rat race and resulted in the following three thoughts for this Thursday:

  1. Purchasing self-serve soft ice cream for Mom at a Casey’s gas station sounded great until an ice-cream-cone-challenged daughter tried to fill the cone. Guess I’ll take Dairy Queen Girl off the list of possible retirement careers.
  2. Walgreen’s Drugstores have succumbed to Bieber Fever. Their new Justin Bieber card display (I’m not making this up) takes up at least one-fourth of the card aisle. Rather than explain the phenomenon to Mom next time she wants to buy greeting cards, I think we’ll go to the Hallmark Store.
  3. Next year, I’ll know better than to plan a Costco shopping trip the afternoon before July 4th. I wonder if any of the other shoppers cramming the aisles and the parking lots will do the same.

What shopping adventures have you had lately? Leave a comment about what you saw.