“Iowa in March” Top Ten

Yesterday’s blog listed the top ten differences between southern California and the Midwest. Today’s list provides unwelcome proof that March in Iowa, in strong competition with November, is the state’s least favorable month.

10.  As soon as the sun starts rising at an optimistic time, Daylight Savings Time begins
and pushes dawn back an hour.
9.    It has rained for five days straight. SInce today is March 10, it has rained for half the
8.    When the rain becomes unbearable, the snow begins.
7.    The gravel road and our driveway look like something the cat drug in.
6.    The mice in our garage, cowed by winter’s cold and relatively inactive, have perked up
and invaded my car again. As always, they leave Hiram’s pick up alone.
5.    Our daughter is “getting away” for spring break. Apparently, even Minneapolis is more
glamorous in March than is our fair state.
4.   Morning walks are gloomy. (See above picture.)
3.   Hiram blanches at the mention of “FAFSA.”
2.   Pretty pastel Easter decorations perpetrate the cruel hoax that spring is just around the
1.   Our one warm March day pushed the daffodils above ground, but they’ve been
shivering so much since the cold return, they won’t contemplate exposing themselves

There, I’ve expressed my hostility told March and feel much better. In the 21 days until April begins, I’ll keep my umbrella handy, stock up on mouse traps, and knit gloves for the daffodils. I’m sure they’ll appreciate the effort.