Three Thoughts for Thursday

Happy trees; green-eyed, man-stealing women; and Gene Wilder retrospectives in this week's 3 thoughts.

  1. Good news for those who haven’t mastered the art of painting happy trees. The entire Bob Ross PBS series is now available on Netflix.
  2. In my entire life, I have never purchased a Dolly Parton 45, LP, 8 track tape, cassette tape, CD, or iTunes download. And yet, ads about her new Pure & Simple album keep appearing in my Facebook news feed. So I have concluded that part of her marketing team’s strategy is to target every green-eyed Jolene who uses social media.
  3. Was anyone else surprised to learn that the forever young Gene Wilder was 83 when he died last month? We’re keeping his memory alive at our house by scheduling a Young Frankenstein retrospective viewing in the near future.

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Three Thoughts for Thursday

Spring fawns, Dolly Parton, and cherry blossoms in this week's 3 thoughts.

  1. Dear Doe, I hope your spring fawn is adorable. Consider having twins to make up for eating the bark off the trunk of the new tree in our yard.
  2. Dear Dolly Parton, On the rare occasions I google my first name, the song you recorded in 1973 pops up. It’s haunted me since my senior year in high school. Perhaps we should consider sharing the royalties. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.
  3. Dear Mother Nature, I would love to see the cherry blossoms this weekend during my trip to DC. Could you arrange it? Your prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

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Three Thoughts for Thursday


  1. Dolly Parton turned 69 on Monday. That means she was still in her 20s when her song Jolene made me a local sensation during my junior year of high school. Happy birthday, Dolly. You have the voice of an angel.
  2. Winter Bliss: A January thaw that leads to unexpected morning walks outdoors.
  3. If the past two episodes are any indication, I need to lay in a supply of tissues before the series’ finale of Parenthood. Are you with me on that?