Monday Morning Travel Musings

For more than a week, I’ve been on the road. Whether the travel’s been for personal or professional reasons, the time behind the wheel left plenty of time for this Monday’s musings.

  1. Being a grandma is the best job ever.
  2. Fall is a lovely time for traveling in the Midwest.
  3. Panera has the healthiest fast food (and tastiest coffee) of any franchise chain.
  4. My new mission in life is to explain to food service workers that “dairy-free” means more than no visible cheese, yogurt, or ice cream on whatever you order.
  5. Box elder bugs are taking over the world.
  6. Dorothy knew what she was talking about when she clicked those ruby slippers together and said there’s no place like home–even when you get home and find box elder bugs are waiting to greet you–lined up three deep on the threshold.

What are your latest travel musings? Leave a comment.

Three Creepy, Crawly Thoughts for Thursday

Box elder bugs, presidential politics and Halloween hijinks led to these three creepy, crawly thoughts for Thursday.

  1. This fall, I’m not sure what we have more of at our house–box elder bugs crawling around the foundation or political flyers in the mailbox.
  2. I wonder if the Republican or Democrat parties will release statistics about how may box elder and other kinds of trees gave their lives to made into political flyers.
  3. Favorite Halloween memory: I was seven and dressed as a flower girl (the best Halloween costume ever) when some big boys tried to steal my candy during Trick or Treating. Fortunately, they couldn’t find it because the candy was stored beneath the fake flowers in my flower girl basket.

Three Thoughts for Thursday

  1. Fifty years ago yesterday, The Beverly Hillbillies made its debut on network television. Whoo-ee, that moves a body to set a possum stewing on the cook stove, grab a favorite critter, and head to the cee-ment pond for a party, don’t it?
  2. Box elder bugs have invaded our house. The obnoxious little things forced me into some outside-the-box thinking. In a fit of desperation, I grabbed the fly swatter and took aim. And guess what? It worked!
  3. Operation Baby Watch continues. Tomorrow, Baby Philo will be one week overdue. The house is clean, the laundry’s done, I’ve finished the required ten devos for my friend’s new specialty Bible project, my cold’s pretty much run its course, the cold sore under my nose has dried up, the monthly column for the church newsletter is in the can, and today is anniversary of my Grandma Josie’s birthday. This would be a very good day for you to be born, little one!