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#20 Making a House Work from Birth to Death

by Jolene Philo & Anne Fleck | Home Again

Anne and Jolene collect house plans for intergenerational living on the Home Again Podcast Pinterest page. You can check it out here and share plans you’ve found, too.

Below are pictures of simple changes we’ve already made to make our house more accessible. From L to R: taller toilet seat installed to make life easier for when Mom comes to visit (but we all love it), the grab bar added after Jolene broke her foot, Graber automatic blinds that are easy to lower and raise and are stringless which makes them safer for children.

This summer’s project will be tearing out the front deck and the flagstones between it and the driveway. Then, we will have a new cement porch poured that includes a ramp and sidewalk extension that reaches to the driveway. Someday will add a second entrance closer to the garage that leads to the basement apartment. And, we’ll pave the driveway, too.

To close things out, here are pictures of the 1964 house wheelchair accessible where Jolene grew up. The pictures aren’t the best, but the foundation very close to the ground made all entrances level. It can be done folks! Do you see the milk box behind my parents and brother in the first picture? Notice that between the second and third pictures, the back entrance was redone to make a sliding door and a larger patio.