Top Ten Thoughts While Preparing for a Trip to Latvia

Only 2 days until my friend and I board a plane to fly overseas. My mind is spinning with packing thoughts.In a few short days, a friend and I will drive to Chicago, and board a Turkish Airline flight bound for Istambul. After a 36 hour lay over, we’ll catch another Turkish Airlines flight to our final destination–Riga, Latvia–where we’ll spend a week ministering to moms at a special needs family camp. Here are 10 thoughts swirling in my head while packing for the trip.

10. Where’s my passport? In the lock box at the bank. Better get it and put it in the Latvia trip file.

9.  I sure hope the Turkish Airline customer service representative understood me better than I understood her while asking for a dairy-free menu and getting seat assignments.

8.  How much cash should I take? Where’s my debit card?

7.  Oh, I probably need to buy an adapter for my computer and phone chargers.

6.  What? My blow dryer won’t work even with an adapter? What am I going to do?

5.  Where’s my passport? In the Latvia trip file. Better move it to my nifty money and document purse.

4.  Hmm…what’s the weather like in Latvia this time of year?

3.  How many books can be packed in 1 suitcase without exceeding the weight limit?

2.  Where’s my passport? In my nifty money and document purse. Maybe I should just wear it until we leave.

1.  Clothes. I need to pack clothes. What kind? How many? Maybe a burka for Istambul?

What do you think about when packing for a big trip? Leave a comment.


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Thoughts While Preparing for a Trip to Latvia

  1. Pack minimal clothing (just switch up tops and bottoms for photo variety) and use that debit card to purchase local items of clothing and jewelry that will fill in the gaps and bring memories when you wear them “back home.” And take LOTS of pictures!

  2. Those are great ideas, Cherie! I hadn’t thought of that. I’ll have plenty of room on the return trip for new clothes and jewelry after giving away 40 of my books that were generously donated by my publisher and a friend who wants to remain unknown.

  3. Where’s my visa….let me clean out my trunk. Found it true story. In my defense was. V e r y. Young and disorganized then. Have a wonderful trip. We may have to sneak in a lunch date so I can hear about it first-hand😁

  4. Before we went to Latvia, I typed a complete list of what I was going to take, including every supply I thought we would need for VBS (down to the pencil sharpener). Joe S. wanted a copy of my list and I told him it would need to be revised for men. They would not need hair clips, make-up and other unmentionables.

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