Three Thoughts for Thursday

No. 2 pencil

  1. Iowa’s Republican straw poll has introduced some changes to make it less expensive for the candidates dabbling their toes in the presidential race waters. I would gladly add to the cost savings by offering free lodging at our house, which is closer to the straw poll venue than the nearest hotel, in exchange for having my name removed from every political mailing list and our television McGyvered to go silent during political ads during the upcoming presidential season.
  2. College-bound high schoolers will soon have the option of taking a computer-based ACTs rather than the paper and pencil test. I hope the test proctors will pump the aroma of #2 pencil lead and wood shavings into the computer labs. The tests just won’t be the same without it.
  3. I totally understand the Minnesota state senate law banning eye contact in their chambers. As the child of a Minnesota mother and niece of numerous Minnesota uncles and aunts, not making eye contact is the norm for natives of that great state. Making eye contact is considered pushy. And for their generation the proper response to “I love you” is a very uncomfortable “I know,” a quick change of subject, and an offer to fix you a sandwich.

How do your elders respond to “I love you?”

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