Top Ten Pros and Cons of an Allergy Elimination Diet

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For the past nine days–not that I’m counting–I’ve been on an elimination diet. Nothing serious. Just trying to get to the bottom of some allergy and sinus issues. The diet consists of twigs, bark, and leaves. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little. But it is limited to lean meats, vegetables with low starch content, and nuts.

Not fun.

So every morning involves a positive self-talk. A pep rally of sorts that gives me the gumption to stick with it for another day. These daily pep talks include the constant debating of the diet’s pros and cons. Here are the top ten that get repeated again and again.

10. Pro: Doing this diet during grilling season means there are lots of delicious options for preparing lean meats and vegetables.

9.  Con: Starting the grill aggravates this princess’s smoke allergies.

8.  Pro: Some of my favorite foods–onions, garlic, and fresh coconut–can be eaten often. Very often.

7.  Con: I am becoming rather fragrant. And I nearly injured myself cracking open a fresh coconut.

6.  Con: It’s hard to get enough calories on a diet of twigs, bark, and leaves lean meat, green veggies, and nuts.

5.  Pro: A diet of twigs, bark, and leaves lean meat, green veggies, and nuts promotes weight loss.

4.  Pro: My sinuses feel much better.

3.  Con: If my sinuses feel much better on this diet, parts of it may need to continue beyond 2 weeks.

2.  Con: If parts of this diet have to continue beyond 2 weeks, my pants may get too loose and fall off.

1. Pro: Never before in my entire life has the above sentence been necessary.

Are you on a diet? What are the pros and cons you debate each morning? Leave a comment.

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