Top 10 Downton Abbey Burning Questions


While waiting for my stomach to stop rolling from all the plot twists in Downton Abbey, Season 3, several burning questions came to mind. The top ten made this week’s list. Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t yet watched Season 3, stop reading now!

10.   Would citizens of the 1920s really have been so open-minded about homosexuality?

9.    Can Mrs. Hughes and Phyllis Logan possibly be the same person?

8.   Will Daisy accept her father-in-law’s offer to take over the farm?

7.   Are Lord Grantham and Lady Cora up to the task of riding herd on Rose?

6.   What will come of the Dowager Countess poking her Maggie Smith-shaped nose in the business of a fallen woman?

5.   Why did Lady Sybil have to die? Ditto for Matthew?

4.   How will Lady Mary ever recover?

3.   Could Lady Mary and Tom Branson become an item? Or is that too tidy? How about Tom and Rose instead?

2.   Is Lady Edith about to ruin her reputation by engaging in a scandalous romance?

1.   Will there ever be a bouncing Baby Bates?

What are your burning Downton Abbey questions? Leave a comment.

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Downton Abbey Burning Questions

  1. All those and a few more! My stomach is rolling and my head is spinning! WOW!

  2. Matthew died because he didn’t want to do the show anymore. No idea about Sybil. I wasn’t happy about either. Matthew was my favorite!!

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