Top 10 Reasons to Join Different Dream’s Online Book Study

Different Dream Online Book Study

This week’s top ten list may appear to have escaped from or be lost on our little gravel road. In truth, I’m so excited about the upcoming online study of my first book, A Different Dream for My Child, that my enthusiasm is bigger than what one blog can contain. So, bear with these top ten reasons to join the study. And if you aren’t part of a special needs family, pass the information onto someone who is and who needs encouragement on the journey. Thanks!

10.  Discovery House Publishers (DHP) is offering a 30% discount. Go to (USA) and (Canada) and enter the promotional code DDJP. (Psst–the 30% discount is also good on my second book, Different Dream Parenting. But only at DHP. Not at Amazon.)

9.   It’s fun to see the book’s Amazon rank rise…thanks to diehard Amazon ordering fans who pass up DHP’s discount.

8.   The study results in more sales which keeps this author from starving for her art.

7.   The study is an excellent winter pick-me-up. Think of it as a drug-free means of stamping out post-holiday depression.

6.   The study is an excellent way to wile away your time until daylight hours increase enough to be noticeable.

5.   A Different Dream for My Child chapters are very short, so you’ll have plenty of time to read them and still tune into Downton Abbey, Season 3.

4.   The study begins during January, which is EA/TEF Awareness Month. A Different Dream for My Child will make readers more aware of this life-threatening birth anomaly because it tells the story of our son’s struggle with EA/TEF. And the stories of 15 other families whose kids had/have a variety of special needs.

3. is generously hosting the study. Without them and their technological expertise, this would not be happening.

2.   You can participate the study any time of day or night. In your jammies. Without needing to hire a babysitter.

1.   Parenting kids with special needs can be a very isolating experience. This online book story is a way to end the isolation for you and for other parents who need encouragement and a sense of community.

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  1. So how DO I join? Nothing big announcing it I can find on the other website either. Am I interested!

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