Hasbro’s Easy Bake Oven for Bros

Hasbro's EasyBake Oven for Bros

This is the traditional Easy-Bake Oven, the modern day version of the Easy-Bake I coveted during my childhood. But my childhood was so deprived, I never received the gift of my dreams. Probably because Mom made us walk to school every day.

In the snow.
Both ways.

My desire was finally realized during our 2007 family White Elephant gift exchange. That was the year I made darn tootin’ sure to win back the Easy-Bake oven that was my contribution to the event.

I found it at Good Will.
In the box.
Never opened.
With all the food mixes intact.

Apparently, my childhood Easy-Bake obsession or my adult one–or perhaps both–made an impression on my sister. Because as the media buzz about McKenna Pope, the teenage girl in New Jersey who petitioned Hasbro to make a bro-friendly oven for boys, Sis sent me the link about the story.

The new design has not yet been unveiled.
But rumor has it that the stove will be grey and black.
Or decorated in camo.
Very manly.

I feel ambivalent about Hasbro’s new Easy-Bake for boys bros. Not because I have anything against boys learning to cook. All boys need to learn the basics of cooking, and baking teeny-tiny cakes under a light bulb is as a good a place as any. It’s just that deep down, I’m jealous worried. McKenna’s little brother, Gavyn will have the first every Easy-Bake Oven for boys before he’s five years old. I was over fifty before I cooked with one.

It took all morning to bake one teeny-tiny cake.
Which I couldn’t eat because the cake mixes were expired.
Plus, I didn’t read the directions carefully enough.
So the plastic spatula sort of melted.

After about six hours slaving over a hot light bulb, I threw the whole mess in the garbage. The whole experience was rather traumatic. Hopefully, Gavyn will have more success with his Easy-Bake.

So he doesn’t become bitter.
Turn his back on cooking.
Develop an aversion to light bulbs.
Become a habitual plastic spatula melter.

Easy-Bake Ovens can be life-changing. I just hope Gavin’s Easy-Bake bromance is a long and loving one.

2 thoughts on “Hasbro’s Easy Bake Oven for Bros

  1. The Easy Bake oven is the one gift I remember wanting for several Christmases and birthdays in a row, and my dad didn’t think I needed one. I now blame him for the fact that I hate cooking. 😉

  2. That’s so funny, Kim. I attribute my love of cooking to my unfulfilled longing for an Easy-Bake Oven. Every day I try to capture that light bulb magic.

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