Three Creepy, Crawly Thoughts for Thursday

Box elder bugs, presidential politics and Halloween hijinks led to these three creepy, crawly thoughts for Thursday.

  1. This fall, I’m not sure what we have more of at our house–box elder bugs crawling around the foundation or political flyers in the mailbox.
  2. I wonder if the Republican or Democrat parties will release statistics about how may box elder and other kinds of trees gave their lives to made into political flyers.
  3. Favorite Halloween memory: I was seven and dressed as a flower girl (the best Halloween costume ever) when some big boys tried to steal my candy during Trick or Treating. Fortunately, they couldn’t find it because the candy was stored beneath the fake flowers in my flower girl basket.

2 thoughts on “Three Creepy, Crawly Thoughts for Thursday

  1. I’ve had the thought lately that if the politicians took the money they spent on those flyers and all the TV/radio commercials (I heard that it is near a BILLION dollars total) and put it toward the national debt this country would be a whole lot better off! UGH! I can’t wait until I can open my mailbox without it being full of junk!

  2. I recently said the same thing to my husband about the political flyers. Of course, without them the US Post Office would be in worse shape than it is in now.

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