Top Ten Tips for Moving Day

Hiram and I are back from helping our son and his wife, our new daughter, move from Minnesota to Wisconsin. The weekend was a sequel to our August trip when we helped our daughter and her husband, our new son, move from Iowa to Ohio. Through the twin adventures, we gained some do-it-yourself-moving-tips to pass along to you.

10.   Always move in the heat of summer or in questionable winter weather. It makes for
better stories later.
9.    Make sure the house being moved into is near a decent coffee shop and/or bakery. 8.    If you a dog is moving with you, talk to my new daughter. She knows how to keep
animals calm and happy.
7.     Budget for breakage and trips to the coffee shop/bakery.
6.     Take Hiram along on all moves. He is the calmest person on earth and good at fixing
stuff. Unlike his wife who shall remain nameless.
5.    Assign the wimpiest of the moving crew, who shall remain nameless, to plan and
prepare meals ahead of time. She will feel like she’s doing her part even when
passing heavy boxes on to her husband, son, and new daughter to carry.
4.    Move on the day the new village has their annual Christmas festivals. The sound of
fireworks during supper makes the day feel festive.
3.    Take plenty of hand lotion. Breaking down cardboard boxes dries out the skin.
2.    Look carefully at cell phones before stowing them in your purse or pocket. Otherwise
you could discover your son’s cell phone in your purse and yours in your suitcase.
1.    Walk completely around the U Haul truck before getting in and driving away.
Otherwise, you could drive away without shutting its back door, scattering suitcases
and table leaves for several blocks until the loud honks from other vehicles alerts you
of the problem and you pull over just before getting onto a very busy road. Don’t ask
how I know this.

How about you? What have you learned about do-it-yourself moves over the years? Your tips would be greatly appreciated!

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