Monday Morning Jig

The weather was glorious this morning, and so was my mood. During my walk along the gravel road, I ticked off the blessed unclutteredness of this new week:

  • Daughter and a truckload of her belongings and some of Grandma’s old furniture safely deposited at college.
  • Daughter’s boyfriend and some of Grandma’s old furniture safely deposited at his apartment.
  • Son and some of Grandma’s old furniture safely deposited in his apartment.
  • Son’s fiance and some of Grandma;s furniture safely deposited in her apartment.
  • Some of Grandma’s old furniture safely deposited at cousin’s house.
  • The rest of Grandma’s old furniture put to good use in our house.
  • The walls of the guest room are now visible with extra furniture gone.
  • The garage stall, full of this and that since Mom’s house sold in March, finally empty again.
  • Anne’s bedroom, minus the truckload of stuff she took to college, is now available for house guests.
  • Mystery novel compete, edited, and on its way to the publishing house considering it.
  • Different Dream website ready to be launched.
  • I have uninterrupted work time now that daughter is safely deposited at college, along with a pickup load of her belongings.
  • Mother safely tucked away at brother’s house, her finances organized and under control, the last of her keepsakes being distributed to appreciative owners.

Finally, after months of boxes and extra furniture, after weeks of overwhelming projects, I was ready to move on. Feeling light as a feather, I did a little woo-hoo whoop and jigged up the driveway, arranging and rearranging my week’s vast, uncluttered expanses of time and space. When I came around the garage, my happy dance ended. Stacked in front of the kitchen door were three boxes. The books I’d ordered from the publisher had arrived, much sooner than expected. As my vast, uncluttered expanses of space and time evaporated, and I hauled the cartons into the kitchen, I checked off one last blessing:

  • We got the shelving unit from Mom’s basement painted and moved into our bedroom on Saturday. Just in the nick of time, I have a place to stack the books.

My feet and heart are dancing again.

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